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The training description:

Train in setting up a project, from the idea to the economic model creation, using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) tool. The three days of training will allow addressing three main areas: 1. Identification of a project needs and actors, emphasizing the objectives (problem tree, logframe); 2. The project canvas achievement; 3. Looking for sources of funding for the project. Examples and practical exercises will focus on projects related to heritage enhancement.

Duration: 3 days.

Dates :  October 26-28, from Thursday, November 19 to Saturday, November 21, 2020.

Location:  University of Sfax (videoconference room) and by videoconference for Europeans.

The number of participants: 12 people (master, doctoral students, post-doctoral students an entrepreneur).


  • October 26 (4 hours) - DISCOVER the Business Model Canvas: The training in the Business Model Canvas will allow you to understand this model operational subtleties. You will learn that you are not only proposing an offer but that it is a creativity tool that will allow you to propose solutions to issues related to heritage enhancement. How to create an idea? What are the imperatives to respect before launching the project? These are some of the questions that will be addressed.
  • October 27 (4 hours) - PRACTICE the Business Model Canvas: Do you want to work in heritage enhancement, for a site or under a territorial collectivity? You want to produce tourist journey, set up programs or cultural policies to bring in a variety of audiences. The participants carry out their project canvas, one of which will be presented to the group for analysis.
  • October 28 (4 hours) - CONCEIVING the Business Model Canvas: How to conceive and set up your business creation project through the business plan?

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